14, Hamoir Road - 4500 HUY (The Sarte) South of Huy.



Located on the road to Huy-Hamoir (N66), 1500 m from the "Mount Mosan" fun park and the "Wall of Huy" summit and 200 m from the CADO fuel pump.


Circuit signposted about 2 hours from the rental point.The trail of the traffic (trails, dirt roads and RaVel) descends through the Bois de Barse along the Hoyoux to the grand'place of Huy and go back by the inevitable "wall of Huy walk .... or bike for the beefy.


Circuit with pictures

If you have a phone with internet access you can also use the following as a guide along the way.

First you have to enter the garage ...

... to cross the garden ...

... choose a bike ...

.... get out the barrier ... then follow the arrows.

We start "easy" by 2 km in the countryside on the plateau "La Sarte" at 260 m altitude.

A castle farm and its pond

On the old Roman road of Modave - Tongeren

.... there at the bottom ... soon the technical descent into the woods ...

The strategic place where in the slight bend you have to turn left and plunge into the descent into the wood ... there is real mountain biking.


The descent into the wood of "Barse" on the slippery pavement of the Roman road.

At the bottom of the descent, turn left and cross the N 698 Huy - Modave

The little path following the arrow on the ground ... We are in the valley of Hoyoux until Huy.

Oblique right (arrows on the ground and on the stake) to join the RaVel 

The little bridge over the Hoyoux

The old station of Vierset barse and on the right the RaVel that we will take until Huy

The Hoyoux, the longest (28 km) fast river in Belgium.

   Source at Havelange

   Slope> 3%

   Series of thresholds on the limestone rock then a dozen dams between Marchin and Huy

Régissa car park

We are on the old railway line of Huy - Ciney (line 127)

Here an old gantry unloading or tarpaulin.

Follow the indications on the sign.

If we continue straight, we will have to share the road with cars.


A droite...

Region with exceptional flora and fauna.

The connoisseurs distinguish the digitalis.

The puddings of Régissa.

The puddings are sedimentar rocks.

This place is the subject of many geological excursions.


..... Light rise direction ... nothing to do with the wall ...

We temporarily leave the banks of Hoyoux for a climb (light) in the woods

At the top of the climb ...

.... we see the buildings of the former Delloye Mathieu sheet metal now Arcelor Mittal.

Here we galvanize the plates of German cars especially.

After the climb ....... the descent ...

Always Arcelor.

The bucolic part is over.

We enter the more industrialized and urban suburbs of Huy - Marchin.



We joined the banks of the tumultuous Hoyoux

A secret entry ???

....in a park...

To the left of this path ....

... a strange building.

This is a filter tank for washing paper.

(an individual bought it to live there)

The paper industry was well represented in Huy. (Godin)



The "Pré à la fontaine" beautifully decorated with its stone houses and its ....


... fountain ..

Still the Hoyoux

Always the Hoyoux.

The penultimate climb. 

Before the most terrible ....

 Railroad Crossing .

2 trains / day transport galvanized steel coil at Arcelor.


Chinet Bridge

The place of the Italians.

 Huy and Marchin were very industrious.

The old Thiry factories (paper machines)


The new hospital

Rue des braseurs.

Many streets carry trade names.

Medieval city very prosperous, Huy took advantage of the benefits of Hoyoux.

(dams- driving force- cleaning.)

We find in particular the names of the streets of tanners, roasters, brewers, .....

The main square ....

In its center Bassinia.

In Huy there are 5 wonders.

The pontia (bridge)

Castle Tchestia - strong)

The rondia (stained glass window of the collegiate church)

The basinia (fountain of the grand'place)

And me...

Griange Street at the SE corner of the square.

This is where you have to continue the journey.


Rue de Esses

Street of the Friars Minor

The uncomfortable but pretty cobbled streets of old Huy.

At the end of this street on the right the municipal museum and the convent of the Friars Minor

The convent of minor brothers which houses the municipal museum.

Absolutely go around the inner courtyard.

We prepare ourselves mentally ...

Certains ne viennent à Huy que pour ça.....

Tribute to the one who climbed victorious times this "monument of international cycling

The "wall of Huy" is called the path of the chapels (there are 7 of the foot up.

At this point of the second bend, it is worth stopping, turning and gazing at the city.

We distinguish on the right the fort and far more the bridge "worst" cable and then "Biowanze"

One last effort, the last chapel is in sight.

Soon the summit ...

And the arrival of the cable car unfortunately damaged by a helicopter in 2012 (reopening 2017)

The church of Sate.

A visit to cool off after the climb.

On the plain of "La Sarte", Mount Mosan an amusement park for the "little ones".

Another 1500 m and we came back